The Live Stronger,

Age Longer Podcast

The founder of Fire + Flow, Rohan Parikh, asks the world's leaders in wellness the important questions such as how can we transform our well-being, live a longer and more vibrant life, and find deeper meaning in the process?

Season 1 Coming  May 2020

Our mission is to take the experience and learnings of the industry's greatest minds and give the average person concise, life-changing, actionable information to transform their well-being.

Providing weekly inspiration from visionary founders, leaders in wellness and the top doctors from the best medical schools in the world. 



We're currently in the process of short-listing candidates to speak with and will pick a final 12 in the coming weeks. The podcasts will be recorded over the course of the next few months. 


The podcast will be done in video or audio formats based on what makes the most sense with each guest we have on. It will also be syndicated across YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as other targeted communities, channels and publications. 

What is Fire + Flow ? 

Fire + Flow is a fast-growing personal wellness transformation business based in New York, NY. We help people break through the plethora of misinformation in health and wellness through education and empowerment.

We're on a mission to empower 1 million people to transform the way they feel.